Murano Relax Armchair

Beautiful relax armchair with straight lines and a design adapted to any decoration.

Beautiful armchair with 100% Italian design, 100% Vittello.

  • Measurements: Murano Relax Armchair 74 x 90 cm.
  • Removable backrest pillow.
  • Steel metallic foot rotating 360º.
  • Fixed option.
  • Back rest 3 positions.


A Relax Armchair is an excellent option for individual rest. It is the ideal complement to any room, since it allows you to have different functionalities to those of an armchair. There is a wide variety of Relax Armchairs to find the one that best suits your needs. Let us advise you!

Types of Fabric

Here we show you some types of fabrics in which you can request your MURANO armchair. All our fabrics, including leathers, have an anti-liquid and anti-stain protection. If you want to see them all, click on see more.

Artificial Leather

Piel Artificial Blanco MarfilPiel Artificial Cremapiel espesorada arena

Skined Leather

piel espesorada ferraripiel espesorada artikopiel espesorada negro

Anti-tarnish fabrics

tejido antimanchas barein-1tejido antimanchas carissa-2-cameltejido antimanchas caterina-turquesa


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