Elegant and Comfortable Sofa

JAMES is equal to COMFORT. With a simple and traditional design brings great comfort thanks to its prominent kidney rest cushioning and its double-layer seats made of Revive Memory fibre foam. Also its head rests are padded which allows a great rest of the neck area when sitting on it.

It also incorporates both the sides and finishes of precious stitching that give an air of elegance to the sofa. To optimize your relaxation, you can incorporate an electric motor relax system that will offer you massages while you relax on your sofa.

All our sofas have a guarantee of 5 to 10 years (depending on the material and fabric chosen).


Solid wood structure // Canapé Diván Option // Relax Motor option // Metallic legs // Seat fillings 33 kg // Kidney rest cushioning 23 / 10kg

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Our sofas are fully configurable to the exact measurements your room needs. We specialize in creating custom made sofas, thanks to the manufacture of our own models and their subsequent adaptation to the needs of each client. Even if you need it, our staff travels to your home to take the necessary measures and advise you on the solution and the ideal sofa for your home.

Types of Fabric

Here we show you some types of fabrics in which you can request your JAMES sofa. All our fabrics, including leathers, have an anti-liquid and anti-stain protection. If you want to see them all, click on see more.

Artificial Leather

Piel Artificial Blanco MarfilPiel Artificial Cremapiel espesorada arena

Skined Leather

piel espesorada ferraripiel espesorada artikopiel espesorada negro

Anti-tarnish fabrics

tejido antimanchas barein-1tejido antimanchas carissa-2-cameltejido antimanchas caterina-turquesa


The standard measurements of our JAMES sofa are as detailed below. But remember that we can adapt them to your needs and those of your living room.

Sofá 2 plazas

1.76 x 1.00 m.

Sofá 3 plazas

2.06 x 1.00 m.

Chaiselongue 2 plazas

2.40 x 1.66 m.

Chaiselongue 3 plazas

2.85 x 1.66 m.


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